Cheap digital HD cameras are gaining in popularity. The cameras that I’ve used until now are the GH2, the GoPro, de FLIP-video and the iPhone’s camera, with a Zoom digital audio recorder. This allows for flexible and broad cinematic possibilities for a minimal price. Filming with resources that are widely available is one of the essences of this project. These handy cameras will continue to do service, but I do want to add a professional digital camera and a good soundman at crucial moments, to make them truly worthy of cinema.

I also want to use cameradrones. A small radio-controlled helicopter, equipped with GPS, autopilot, and a controllable camera, that can be programmed to follow the wing of the dog, while a cameraman determines the shots live on the ground. It’s a new development that’s ideal for “The Flying Dog”.

When the dog is flying, it’s possible to follow the dog’s performance using small cameras mounted on the delta wing, and to send commands through a walkie-talkie. These cameras will also provide wonderful material for the film.