A custom built hang glider is made for the dog. A hang glider is a fairly simple, easily controllable, slow and stable flying wing. Over several months the dog will be trained under professional guidance in the Alpine meadows of Austria. The whole process will be filmed unscripted. With various exercises and in accordance with it’s progress, gradually the dog will be released into the air.

Wing Construction:

The delta wing itself is very common, but because the dog will have to be able to walk during takeoff and landing, as well as be suspended during flight, a trike must be specially designed. Also, camera mounts are included in the construction plans.

Teaching Method

To be able to control the wing the dog will have to learn how to steer by shifting it’s weight. A delta wing flies very intuitively, and the wing itself is self-stabilizing. The chassis will be constructed in such a way that the dog will find it’s balance by nature. When the wing is tilted to one side, the dog’s reaction will level the wing. So by experience the dog will learn how the wing reacts, and with time also how to make conscious control choices. To offer some time to adapt, we could practice short “kiting” runs. Secured by cables, the wing can be pulled a few feet into the air by two instructors, and then allowed to glide down in a controlled manner. Possibly, we erect a small cable to let the dog get used to the feeling of takeoff and landing, safely suspended in a harness. It is the intention to make the dog consider this a fun game, which is accomplished by systematically distributing rewards. Over time, the dog will become increasingly familiar with the delta wing, and, at some point, fly it independently.