The Film

The Flying Dog
Director: Johannes Hogebrink
Documentary, 75 min.
Spoken in Dutch, English, German, with subtitles. German spoken version available.

The Flying Dog is an experimental film about a dog learning to fly. It is a magical adventure inside a created reality. Obsessively chasing dreams is what it’s all about.
Viewers will watch in disbelief wondering if the dog really will learn to fly. Some fictional elements will be used to play with the sense of realism. It’s a reversed mockumentary, it might not seem real, but it is..!

The Story

Johannes is a penniless artist with a dream. His dog “Chayka” is afraid of heights, but he would like him to overcome his fears by teaching him to fly. Slowly his dream project assumes absurd proportions, untill Chayka thinks it’s nuts and leaves, with disastrous consequences. Even this ‘wake up call’ for Johannes does not stop him from pursuing his dream. Why..?

What is it truly about?

The realisation of dreams always inspires. It is about the bond between man and dog. It’s also about surrendering to the elements and jumping into the deep to chase your dreams. But at what price..? In addition, the film is populated by crazy pioneers, who appear to have less difficulty realizing an impossible plan, than dealing with daily reality…