Thoughts on Flying Dog Wing Design

  1. Easily detachable trike
    Purpose: to use trike for training without wing and to be able to adjust centre of gravity.
    Therefore harness hook should also be on trike, not on wing.
  2. Up/down movable wash-out tubes
    Purpose: to be able to remotely control hang-glider using servo’s.
  3. Extra long keel tube.
    Purpose: to attach optional vertical stabilizer and mini camera’s.
  4. Big wheels and broad wheel-base.
    Purpose: stability in uneven terrain during take-off and landing (without compromising weight or aerodynamics).
  5. Central opening in trike platform
    Purpose: to provide walking space for the dog during take-off and landing.
  6. Trike platform made of aluminum tube structure with elastics reinforced cloth canopy inside.
    Purpose: to provide comfort and safety for the dog, while keeping construction light and aerodynamically streamlined.