Maurice van den Hurk is a skiing, sailing and flying enthusiast, a garden architect and delta pilot with years of experience as an instructor. Maurice is a cheerful, loveable man who likes to lose himself in his passions. A special gift that sometimes clashes with regard for loved ones, something I can recognise in myself…

Frans Icke is a hang gliding instructor with decades of experience and knows the community like the back of his hand. He taught me hang gliding in 2007 and was standing next to me when I first took off from a mountain. In 2008 he assisted as a pilot in my 2nd year Film Academy project “Filming my Flight”. Frans is a true hang gliding veteran and “hardliner” who knows everything and never compromises with regards to safety.

The Dog: Chayka is a streetdog from Bosnia, playfull and intelligent, but with a relaxed character.  “Chayka” means ‘seagull’ in Russian.

Intended Crew

Job Kraaieveld, Director Of Photography / drone operator. www.Camerajob.nl.

Dennis Kersten, Sound / drone operator. I know Dennis and Job from the Filmacademy, apart from camera and sound they fly the DJI INSPIRE drone, a perfect team for The Flying Dog! www.denniskersten.nl

Dennis Lubbers, assistant director. A professional documentairy/commercial director with an exceptional vision, a passion for the absurd and also a very skilled cameraman himself. Dennis website 

Actors Director: Martijn de Jong. I’ve always admired Martijn’s magic with non-professional actors on the filmacademy, his vision and experience will be invaluable for this project. http://wefilm.nl/directors/martijn-de-jong  

Editing: Annelotte Medema. She impressed me with multiple films she edited. Especially with ‘Soliste’ (2010) she showed a perfect feeling for timing and suspense, without losing touch of emotion. http://annemedemafilm.com/ 

Sieger Schotanus, technical assistant. Sieger has a real passion for fixing stuff. Broken machines spontaneously start working when he comes near. He’s an inventive all-rounder with a heart of gold, and of inestimable value to every project.

Janneke Jacobs, assistant dog training and production designer. In many cases, I’ll need an extra buddy to the dog. Janneke has experience with dogs and oozes trust. She is trained as a production designer, can build well with an eye for detail and will also mean a lot for the film.

Voice actor: Arjan Ederveen. This famous actor (in Holland) will come to give voice to Chayka’s inner world.